From factory floors to gallery walls, Roko’s signature portraits celebrate the human figure with vivid, brilliant colors inspired by Detroit’s industrial past. Roko’s career began when he was pulled off the Ford assembly line to paint murals in an effort to boost plant morale. With exposure to industrial coatings, brilliant safety colors began to appear in his work – becoming his unique, emotive voice.

In addition to being named Detroit’s Best Fine Artist for five consecutive years, Roko has painted commissions for Jay Leno, Lady GaGa, and the Holocaust Museum. Roko was selected to create a series of paintings to act as the new face of Atwater Brewery, bringing the Detroit company’s signature brews and spirits to 30 states and European markets.

In 2017, Tony also founded the Art Foundation, a non-profit organization fostering creative minds. RoKo’s enthusiasm and passion for his craft have helped him to connect with several diverse groups through the medium of painting, including partnerships with the Karmanos Healing Arts Cancer Survivor program programs, the Rhonda Walker Foundation for young women, and Wolverine Human Services’ Juvenile Detention program.

Tony is also helping developing artists to navigate the business side of the art world through the Art Foundation’s Art Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.